Thursday, 28 February 2013

CP Plus | Car Parking Industry

As a small company, CP Plus was established in 1991 but soon expanded due to their passion and commitment to the car parking industry. There are now over 400 people who are managing over 350 car parks. CP Plus works across various sectors and are considered to be by industry standards, a number one supplier when it comes to security services and car park management facilities.

As a main car park provider, CP Plus can give you a solution that’s tailored to your own parking needs. Regardless of whether you want car park management or enforcement solutions, CP Plus can cater to your car parking needs, whatever they might be.

CP Plus’s services include car park management, security, enforcement as well as solutions for facility management. CP Plus doesn’t operate a ‘one size fits all’ solution as they can give you the level of enforcement parking you need, along with parking facilities management which will enable you to make the most out of your parking space.

CP Plus uses a range of car park technology including using CCTV live feed and payment technology which can consist of GPS, mobile payment and other internet options. Equally the security management of car parks is essential and CP Plus provides the necessary services needed for both yourself and your customers.

By being SIA licensed and NVQ qualified, the staff knows how to operate vehicle logging and innovative CCTV technology, to make your car park as secure as possible.
Parking enforcement officers in the company are there to ensure that they promote positive prevention. Using the STEP known as Staged Enforcement Policy, CP Plus deals with a diverse selection of enforcement issues which are appropriate to both the client and its location.

Facilities management is another consideration which CP Plus provides support for and this includes waste management disposal, landscaping, cleaning and security measures amongst other things. Being fascinated by the various disciplines which their clients face, CP Plus understands that parking might not be your top priority; they can take the stress out of it by managing and improving your car parking facilities.

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