Friday, 18 October 2013

CP Plus ǁ Services

As one of the most trusted car park management companies in the UK, CP Plus offers an unsurpassed quality of service. They use more than 20 years' of knowledge and skills to ensure that they maintain the standards of reliability and efficiency that they have always been associated with. From their origins as a small car park provider in 1991, CP Plus has since expanded and adapted to offer a range of services to suit any client.

Car Park Management

CP Plus believes that car parks should work for the client, generating added worth and benefits.  Every car park that CP Plus establishes is unique, because every customer is unique. Accordingly, CP Plus does not pursue a generic “one size fits all” approach to their business; rather, they propose that a car park management solution needs to be wholly relevant and appropriate to the needs of the client. CP Plus communicates and negotiates with the client to deliver the parking management, facility, security and enforcement specifications that they want, when they want it.

Car Park Management Technology

By employing state-of-the-art technology and techniques, CP Plus can offer their customers a modern, cutting-edge service, which includes the following devices and features:

  • Automated Licence Plate Recognition
  • Online and mobile phone payment applications
  • Live-feed CCTV
  • Internet-ready permit management systems
  • GPS patrol recording software

CP Plus installs and supervises any of its equipment with confidence, promoting a flexible, fully up-to-date response to myriad car park management issues.

Car Park Security Management

The importance of security in car park management should never be underestimated, and CP Plus has attained full SIA contractor approval for all SG and CCTV services. Moreover, all CP Plus staff possess the requisite training in line with SITO (Security Industry Training Organisation) guidelines.  CP Plus also regularly update their security systems and protocols to ensure the safety and security of car parks are protected.

Parking Enforcement

All CP Plus officers pro-actively engage in car park enforcement and act in accordance to a policy of positive prevention. They always seek to enforce the rules of the car park in a fair, decisive manner.

Facilities Management

In addition to the services listed above, CP Plus can also co-ordinate the cleaning, repair, landscaping and general care of facilities. This can help to promote a positive first impression and revitalise the car park environment.



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